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SRS One Month Postop

It’s been a month now since SRS, and I must say that there is still quite a bit discomfort.  It’s been uncomfortable enough where I have to be still constantly aware of my sitting or standing or lying position to minimize the aching down there.  I only seldom get those stabbing pangs in the vaginal area, but when they occur, they still have the potential to be paralyzing.  Most of the discomfort seems to arrive from the dryness and chafing that is occurring around the external scar sites.  There is a strange rash that is going around the bottom…mostly from the chafing.  I wonder if the Bacitracin ointment that I have been using is making it worse…?  I still cannot sit squarely on my bum, as there is still a tender area around the perineum to avoid at all costs.  And I am forced to sit on various sides of my bum, which only add to the discomfort as too much unnatural pressure is applied to the pubic bone.  I look forward to the day when I can sit a full day with no pain.

There are still a couple of stubborn sutures along the sides of my labia.  I have been told they can be there for months.  The other scars around the labia are healing well–there has been decreasing tenderness around there as I fervently apply aloe vera daily.  The swelling has almost completely gone away…”almost” because I do not know if the labia are at the correct size or not.

The positives…I stopped wearing my compression garment from the liposuction, and that was a relief!  No more prisoner of the girdle.  There is still tenderness at the liposuction sites but it doesn’t really bother me unless someone pokes me there (which happened once).

It has been almost one month of dilations!!  I have not been following the 4-times daily schedule strictly, but Dr. Meltzer had okay-ed it.  He says the 4-times practice is more of a guideline.  I think the real issue is to make sure I do not lose my depth and width and that dilation does not become too difficult.  I actually travelled to the Philippines this week for a friend’s wedding, and the 13-hour plane ride was hellish on my bum.  Dilating immediately afterward was very painful and took double the time to reach the status quo in depth and width before the flight.  I am going to try the size-3 dilator soon.  I think my depth concerns have been mollified to a degree.

After the dilation frequency decreases to twice a month, the next hurdle for me to cross is the 6-week breast aug post-op milestone, when I can finally stop wearing this bra “belt” that compresses my breasts.  Feeling has returned to my breasts, and the belt has been causing quite a bit of itchiness.  My breasts are healing well, and I am becoming quite satisfied with the outcome–good natural size and shape!

Final thought…it is time for a shave!! =)


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  1. Ciao carissa,i read this post very carefully-many terms are so technical and difficult for me-but the inpression is so deep,i mean for fisical complications scares i dont known precisely how old are you,but as my case,i am over 40,i could immagine the elasticity of my tissues,the rèsult’…i would like to have sex reassignement but all this deeply make me feel afraid..and if here in italy,the doc surger it will be not an artist..i will bè completely asessuate..please carissa.i bèg your pardon,but is first time in my life i do this reflections’…you are so corageuos’.great!..happy new year dear friend,kisses,truly yours jackie

    Comment by jackie | January 6, 2010 | Reply

    • Hi Jackie,
      I can understand the worry about complications. The physical recovery is not fun but I draw my courage from knowing so many others who have done it. Plus, I just think about the daily/weekly improvement if I get down.

      Can you tell me more about the doctor in Italy? I’m curious. Where does he practice? What’s his name?

      If you ever need to talk offline, we can do that. Best wishes!!


      Comment by Ris | January 6, 2010 | Reply

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